“Master Kang is a patient and caring Master Instructor who has positively impacted the lives of countless students. The International and National Medalist he has produced are a testimony this dedication and hard work.”

Grand Master T. H. Son, 9th Dan Black Belt
Former World Taekwondo Champion
Former Spain National Team Head Coach

“Master Kang is a talented world class TaeKwonDo Master with in-depth knowledge and success record not only in Olympic Taekwondo sparring but competition Poomsae. He has produced many National and International champions both in Olympic Taekwondo sparring and competition Poomsae. Moreover, his passion and love for the art and the students is a good example to the entire Taekwondo community.”

Master Seongmin Rim
Former Canadian National poomsae Team Head Coach
Former Spain National Team Head Coach

“As a parent we all want to see our children develop to the best of their potential. Since he has been enrolled in KBBMA, we have noticed a significant improvement in several areas, not only at home but also in school as well as his improved social skills.

Aside from his learning to defend himself, should it be necessary, KBBMA classes and instruction have had numerous additional benefits which have become apparent as he progresses. He has often recited the tenants that he has learned at KBBMA and it is obvious that he not only take them to heart but tries to live them. Courtesy, Respect, Honest and Indomitable Spirit, these have helped Jordan to achieve his goals not only at home and in the community but has been noticed by his teachers at school the dramatic changes for the better he has developed.”

John Katz, Parent

“Throughout the five years that my sons and I have been training with Master Kang, we have gained not only martial arts skills, but most importantly confidence, discipline, and respect. I believe that Taekwondo is not just a job for Master Kang, but a part of his life. His sincerity, dedication, and passion reflect in his teachings. He delivers positive messages to his students and sees everyone’s potential. We are grateful to have been trained by Master Kang.”

Jennifer Van, Parent

“My son thoroughly enjoys taekwondo at BBMA because Master Kang has created a unique experience for his students that embody self-discipline, physical exercise, and fun. More than just training, Master Kang’s BBMA teaches important lessons that I see my son apply to his everyday life such as “always finish what you start”, “love your family”, and importantly, “respect yourself”.

My son tried many other sports and activities before and since joining BBMA and this is the only one that he has stuck to. I believe that it is the result of the caring community of staff that Master Kang has brought together that show a real interest in the development of their student’s martial arts and personal development and the encouragement that they give my son to persevere and achieve his goals.

I recommend to any parent that wants their child to be involved in a positive and caring environment to check out Master Kang’s BBMA Taekwondo.

Todd Boyd, Parent

“I was first introduced to taekwondo by a friend who suggested that we should take classes together. At that time I had no idea what taekwondo was about but I gave it a try anyways. I have been training with Master Kang for 4 years now and I have been very fortunate to have amazing past and current instructors. Everyone at the school are friendly and very helpful. I have already introduced my children and relatives to KBBMA.There are many taekwondo schools closer to my house but I chose KBBMA even though I live 17 km away.I really enjoy taekwondo and always look forward to improve myself and to learn from others.”

Mable Lo, Student

Since starting taekwondo our daughter Jillian has shown a greater amount of respect and responsibility at home. She’s showing greater confidence in herself and loves coming to black belt world to learn new things with her friends.

Beth Friesen, Parent

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